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PCB mounted Air&gas pressure switch PS-LA5

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product category: Air,Gas Pressure Switch
Model: PS-LA5

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Product Detail

PCB mounted Air&gas pressure switch PS-LA5

PCB mounted air&gas pressure switch PS-LA5  is designed as an economical interface between pressure systems and Printed Circuit Boards. This switch can be used as a gauge for differential pressure with almost no hysteresis. It is applied to detect both positive and negative pressure. Rotatable pressure port and  various terminal styles with wire leads are the main feature. 

Model PS-LA5
Medium Non-hazardous gas only (air)
Electrical feature 1 Pole NO
Electrical rating 250 mA  250 V~ 
Ambient temperature -10°C~+90°C
Pressure Range Positive: 5 ~800 mbar (Max. 1000 mbar)
Negtive: 10 ~ 800 mbar  (Max. 1000 mbar)
Membrane material Silicone (Nitrile, EPDM, Perbunan on request)
Electrical connections Solder pins 1.0 mm, 12.5mm distance between each other pin; or with different type wire leads and terminals on request.
Pressure connections Inlet 4.0 mm or 5.0 mm  for tube connection 

Conversion: 1mbar = 100 Pa     1 in/H2O= 249 Pa

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