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Gas Pressure Switch PS-LA12

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product category: Air,Gas Pressure Switch
Model: PS-LA12

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Product Detail

Gas Pressure Switch PS-LA12

The Gas Pressure Switch PS-LA12 offers the integrated precision snap action electrical
switch, as the newest generation pressure switches to provide high reliability and
long life operation. The Gas Pressure Switch PS-LA12 is designed as compact body,
which specially meets the current small size appliances. The A20 Series is designed
specifically to yield narrow pressure differentials (the difference between ON and OFF
set points) as well as to hold tight set point tolerances throughout a wide temperature range.

Typical applications include detecting blockage in gas combustion system appliances
(furnaces, fireplaces, commercial cooking appliances, water heaters, boilers, process
dryers, etc.); detecting condensate drain blockage and fluid build up; draft inducer
verification; proving fan operation; proving a blocked filter with change in differential
pressure; monitoring static pressure; sensing increase/decrease in system pressure;
proving air across heating elements; detecting ice build up in cooling coils; managing
air in VAV systems; detecting web breaks on printing, coating or other web processes.

1.Standard Features
*Special internal construction design against diaphragm sticking by condensation.
*Set point range from 25Pa (0.10 wc) to 1250Pa (5.0” wc)
*Pressure differentials can be adjusted on customers’ demands, the range from 10Pa to 50 Pa.
*Integrated sampling line connectors for 1/4” inside diameter (ID) tubing.
*Sampling line connectors can be positioned by 45 degrees increments.
2. Optional Features
*Integrated bleed holes.
*Bar-code labeling on customers’ demands.
*Multiple types mounting brackets for customers’ selection.
*Multiple types of terminal size and terminal orientation for customers’ selection.
*Gold contacts for low electrical loads.

SPDT, SPST electrical loads 1(0.5)A @ 125/250 VAC -- (CE)
0.1A resistive @ 24 VDC (Gold contacts) -- (CE)
Switching circuits SPDT, SPST-NO, SPST-NC
Electrical terminals #187 (3/16”) 4.8x0.5 mm quick connect
#250 (1/4”) 6.3x0.8 mm quick connect
Set points Tolerance +/-5 Pa min., +/-8 Pa standard
Overpressure rating 3.0 kPa (1/2psi).
Ambient temperature range -25 o + 110℃
Sampling line connector H(+) = Positive, L(-) = Negative
6.5 mm OD for use with 3/16” or 1/4” ID tubing; other size OD on customers demands.
Sampling Medium Air or combusted products.
Dimensions For typical dimensions
Mounting Orientation Diaphragm must be vertical (Horizontal
Materials Diaphragm: Post-cured silicone, RTI>150 deg C.
Pressure housing: Thermo-plastics with RTI>130
Snap action switch housing: Thermo-plastics with RTI>130 deg C, UL94-V0.
Product Life Mechanical: 1,000,000 cycles.
Electrical: 250,000 cycles.
Approvals CE, CQC

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