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  • Paddle Type Flow Switch FS-M1013

Paddle Type Flow Switch FS-M1013

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product category: Paddle Type Flow Switch
Model: FS-M1013

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Product Detail

The red copper three-way material baffle flow switch FS-M1013 has DN10 ~ DN42
diameter types to choose, with the DIN plug can be used in industrial applications.The
baffle flow switch can obtain a higher added value, excluding easily lead to bellows failure,
electrical components do not directly contact with a large temperature difference between
the metal parts, there is no electrical components leading to corrosion of the condensate,
it has more types for customers to choose in order to adapt to different applications.

FS-M1013 the baffle flow switch, red copper three-way material, can be customized,
more than 25bar pressure, DN10 ~ DN42 diameters to choose.

1.Simple structural design principles
2.Applicable to brass pipe
3.Minimal pressure, good reproducibility, stain-resistant ability, can be accurately set.
4.Use imported micro switch as an electro-pneumatic, which completely avoid the magnetic switch improperly damaged.

Voltage With status indicator lamp: max voltage 250V,
Without status indicator lamp: 24VDC±10%
Max. current 5A
Wiring connection DIN 43650 connector/attached cable
Output SPDT micro switch (factory set N/O) and optional status indicator
Pressure 25bar(can be custom-made)
Average pressure loss 0.01 bar (Max.flow)
Working temperature -20-90℃
Protection class IP65
Material Housing: nickel-plated brass
Paddle: stainless steel
Seal: PTFE
Electrical shell: ABS

1.The flow control switch mounting position is usually installed in the pump water exported
equipment and outlet piping, not to be installed in the pump suction inlet piping, as it may
easy make the pump not function properly, flow switch can not be opened, too. This point
need to pay special attention.
2.The flow control switch permit horizontal (plastic part on top) and vertical mounting
3. Install the flow switch needs to pay attention to the direction of flow in the pipeline, which
must be consistent with the direction of the arrow in the upper part of the flow switch on the
copper shell, otherwise flow switch does not work.
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