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  • Paddle Type Flow Switch FS-M1010

Paddle Type Flow Switch FS-M1010

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product category: Paddle Type Flow Switch
Model: FS-M1010

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Product Detail

FS-M1010 overcome the drawbacks of large pressure drop of the target type flow
switch on the market, low hydrostatic drive and low shell protection grade, for the
changes in pipeline liquid, gas and flowing solids flow or drying up have a reliable
protection, is a update product of common target flow switch.

For more stringent of water flow must be recalibrated the protection flow values in the
test bench which has installed flowmeter, for flow less demanding needs multimeter
resistance measuring two lines on-off of water flow control switch.
First use the hand to simulate flow to push the baffle, whether has on-off change in
multimeter, the force with hand pushed the baffle amount to the size of the water flow,
adjusted using inner hexagon carefully tighten the M3 set screws, if excessive screw
may lead the magnetic switch glass tube breakage consequently failure.

1.The flow control switch mounting position is usually installed in the pump water exported
equipment and outlet piping, not to be installed in the pump suction inlet piping, as it may
easy make the pump not function properly, flow switch can not be opened, too. This point
need to pay special attention.
2.The flow control switch permit horizontal (plastic part on top) and vertical mounting
3. Install the flow switch needs to pay attention to the direction of flow in the pipeline, which
must be consistent with the direction of the arrow in the upper part of the flow switch on the
copper shell, otherwise flow switch does not work.
4.Electrical output and flow adjustment
5.Flow control switch SPDT passive normally open or normally closed dry contact output can customized.

020 B C 1A 010 /1M Detail
            WFS22 series paddle flow switches
010           Pipeline connecting thread:G3/8
015           Pipeline connecting thread:G1/2
020           Pipeline connecting thread:G3/4
025           Pipeline connecting thread:G1
032           Pipeline connecting thread:G1-1/4
040           Pipeline connecting thread:G1-1/2
050           Pipeline connecting thread:G2
  B         Fluid housing material: nickel-plated brass
    C       Interface types:both ends outside thread tee
      1A     Cable Interface type: DIN 43650 connector
      2A     Cable Interface type: common connector
        010   Max flow setting range. Unit: L/min
          /1M Wiring length: 1M=1 meter wire length. Choose DIN 43650 connector no such suffix

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