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  • Paddle Type Flow Switch FS-M1021

Paddle Type Flow Switch FS-M1021

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product category: Paddle Type Flow Switch
Model: FS-M1021

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Product Detail

FS-M1021 paddle flow switch is a new structure of the mechanical flow switch, it follows
a simple and reliable design philosophy, greatly improved the reliability of the flow switch,
and much better than traditional one. This mechanical flow switch is free of bellows, and the
electrical components are not directly contact with large temperature difference metals, so it
won’t appear this kind of phenomenon that electrical components produce condensate water
lead to rust, it has a plurality of types for customers to choose to adapt different applications.
All-plastic flow switch is mainly designed for water / water loop heat pump air conditioning
units and flow monitoring of heat-pump water heater. As the water heat pump unit suddenly
disrupted of water flows during working time, caused any problems, like abnormal high
pressure protection or lead to compressor failure.
Because of this kind of phenomenon may cause the heat exchanger freezing, causing
unnecessary losses, so this flow switch is the best one to Water Heat Pumps.

1.FS-M-PD018A with a Simple structure
3.Long-time life
4.A new kind of common target flow switch the

Voltage Without status indicator lamp: max voltage 250V,
With status indicator lamp: 24VDC±10%
Max. current 3A
Wiring connection DIN 43650 connector/attached cable
Output SPDT micro switch (factory set N/O) and optional status indicator
Pressure 25bar(can be custom-made higher)
Average pressure loss 0.01 bar (Max.flow)
Working temperature -10-85℃
Protection class IP65
Material Housing: PPO
Paddle: PPO
Electrical shell: ABS

Baffle flow switch is generally installed between Pump outlet and equipment outlet, and
should not in Pump suction piping, because it is easy to make the pump with a bad absorption,
flow switch cannot open. This flow switch must be horizontal. And the direction of flow must be
consistent with the arrow which is on the copper shell, if not, the flow switch will be does not
work. Also, large magnetic fields and vibration environments should be avoided.
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