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  • 6.3GHZ_Pulse_Radar_Level_Transmitter_LT-RP03

6.3GHZ Pulse Radar Level Transmitter LT-RP03

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product category: Radar Level Transmitter
Model: LT-RP03

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Product Detail

6.3GHZ Pulse Radar Level Instrument LT-RP03

6.3GHZ Pulse Radar Level Transmitter uses the operating mode of emission-reflection-receiving. Its antenna emitted extremely narrow microwave pulse , which travels at the speed of light. Part of its energy, which is reflected off the surface of targe medium, is received by the same antenna. The time interval between pulse emission and reception by the antenna is in direct proportional to the distance between the surface of target medium and the antenna. However, due to the fact that the electromagnetic wave is transmitted at extremely high speed, which leads to the tiny time interval(nanosecond) and makes it difficult to be identified. Our radar level instrument have adopted a special demodulation technology, enabling itself to detect such tiny time interval correctly, and eventually generate accurate measurement result. 

1. Our 6.3GHZ
Pulse Radar Level Transmitter equipped with advanced microprocessor and unique EchoDiscovery echo processing technology. It can be used under various hazardous process conditions.
2. The false echo storage function enables the instrument to detect the true echo accompany with the presence of multiple false echoes and eventually generate accurate measurement results.
3. There are multiple options available in choosing various process connection and detecting component, which enables 6.3GHZ
Pulse Radar Level Transmitter to be applied in a broad extent of complexed hazardous applications, such as high temperature, high pressure, medium with small dielectric constant and etc..
4. The pulse radar level instrument is with extremely low emission power, can be mounted on various metal or non-metal vessels. Harmless towards the environment and human beings.

Model 6.3GHZ Pulse Radar Level Transmitter LT-RP03
Measuring Range 35M
Processing Connection flange
Working Temp -40~350℃
Working Pressure -1.0-10bar
Precision ±10mm
Frequency Range 10.2GHz
Explosion-proof Grade ExiallCT6
Protection Grade IP68
Signal Output 4…20mA(two-wire)/HART/Profibus PA

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