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  • Water Flow Sensor WFS-PB050-M16

Water Flow Sensor WFS-PB050-M16

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product category: Flow Sensor
Model: WFS-PB050-M16

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Product Detail

Water Flow Sensor  WFS-PB050-M16

Water flow sensor is mainly made ​​of a plastic body, the flow of the rotor assembly and the Hall sensor. It is mounted at the inlet end of the heater, for detecting a water flow. When the flow of water through the rotor assembly, the Hall sensor output a pulse signal, then feedback to the controller, and the control is to determine the size of the water flow regulation.


Technical Parameter
Operating pressure <1.75MPa
Operating Voltage  3-24V
Operating Current <15mA

 Red line: IN

Yellow line: OUT

Black line: GND


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