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  • Industrial Pressure Transmitter PT-ID013

Industrial Pressure Transmitter PT-ID013

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product category: Industrial Type
Model: PT-ID013

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Product Detail

The PT-ID013 available LCD suit display.
PT-ID013 diffused silicon pressure transmitter is a practical, compact pressure transmitter,
use high-precision, high stability and high reliability diffused silicon pressure sensing element
and imports of high-quality integrated circuits for measuring liquid or the pressure of the gas,
and a variety of liquids. Live remote pressure and level measurement instrumentation and
converted into a standard electrical signal pressure or level. Smaller installation space for
the machinery and equipment and other occasions, unique wiring box installation, easy
maintenance, because of its superior performance, can replace the high-performance import pressure transmitter.

*Industrial field process pressure control
*Aerospace field
*Petrochemical industry
*Light industrial machinery
*Medical equipment
*Marine shipbuilding industry
*Water conservancy and hydropower plant
*Constant pressure water supply
*Other automation control and detection system

*Wide measurement range:-0.1MPa-0, 0-(10KPa-60MPa)
*Zero range can be adjusted continuously
*With reverse polarity protection and current limiting protection
*Outstanding impact resistance performance
*High precision, high stability, high reliability
*Special wiring configuration, maintenance, overhaul, particularly convenient
*Suitable for demanding situation, conform to the standards of measurement requirements
*Unique design waterproof hammer makes good impact performance
*Compact structure straight points applicable to the machinery and equipment, the right-angle connector German Hirschmann GDM-12B
*Good resistance to freezing performance with special requirements

Basic error 0.25%F•S. 0.5%F.S
Measurement range -0.1MPa~0; 0~(10KPa~60MPa)
Linearity >0.2%F•S
Temperature drift <±0.025%F•S/℃(0-50℃)
Long-term stability ≤0.02%F•S/year
Response time ≤10mS
Power supply 24VDC
(or 12VDC-36VDC arbitrary constant voltage power supply)
Output 4~20mA(或O~10mA 1~5V O~5V 0~1OV)
Load resistance 0~600Ω(Rz=(V-12)/0.02  V is supply voltage)
when output is 0~10mA, load resistance is 0~1.2kΩ
Pressure overload limit the max pressure rated 1.5 times
Ambient temperature -20~ +85℃
Measured medium temperature 20~ +85℃(>85℃ can use radiating tube)
Recommend storage temperature -20~ +125℃
Sensor interface
(pressure interface)
M20×1.5,1/2NPT or customized
Electrical interface M20×1.5
Installation site unlimited
Shell protection level IP65
Sensor interface material 1Cr18Ni9Ti
Sensor isolated diaphragm material 316LSS
Shell material Al.
Weight 750 g
Power < 0.5 W

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